About Parkway Events

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Parkway Events is a visionary event design and planning company focused on one-of-a-kind events from weddings to milestone occasions.  We specialize in day-of wedding coordination, and planning and styling fabulous celebrations including birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, dinner parties and more. We have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful individuals, in addition to corporations including The Walt Disney Company, Barnes and Noble, and more!

We understand the importance of having your event run smoothly and offering an unforgettable experience for your guests without the stress.  We offer personalized service with unparalleled professionalism and meticulous planning to deliver a memorable well-managed event. 

Contact us today; we can’t wait to find out what we’ll be celebrating next!

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We believe in...

going with your gut

the virtue of the team

an impromptu dance party

the power of “please” and “thank you”

treating the janitor as you would the CEO

searching for and eating the perfect cupcake!


About Erica Lovelace, Owner 

Erica has long been in love with planning events since the first surprise party she planned in middle school for her fifth grade teacher.  The blend of her meticulous organization and love for the creative process and all things beautiful have proven to be the perfect combination in the journey of helping individuals throw special events.

Her event experience includes weddings, non-profit galas, children’s events, birthday parties, marketing events, and smaller social gatherings. She approaches each event with a passion for creating breathtaking moments for her clients and ensures that she brings together an elite team of vendors that share the same vision.

When she isn’t daydreaming about the perfect party, Erica can be found trying on accessories at Kate Spade, out on long walks, on the phone with her family in Ohio, or eating at one of the many Bay Area restaurants.  She absolutely loves Paris, new recipes, and the perfect party.

Erica's Heart Songs

The sound of her son’s laughter.

A warm summer night with beaming fireflies in the air.

The sound of ocean waves through a window at night.

An outdoor dinner party with lots of laughter, food, soulful music, and children freely running around.

The perfect outdoor temperature -  76 degrees, low humidity with a little breeze to be exact. 

Getting lost in a foreign city with an endless appetite.

Peony flowers, red vines licorice, and a good cupcake!


About the Name Parkway

Parkway Events takes on the sentiments of cherished memories made in a special home in Erica's family located on South Parkway East, a.k.a. Parkway, a well-known boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee.  In this family home on Parkway, fabulous parties took place and unforgettable memories were made.

In the 1940’s Parkway became a highly desirable and fashionable residential street sought after by businessmen and businesswomen, doctors, lawyers, and many other notables.

Erica’s great-grandparents purchased a home on   South Parkway East in 1928, a home in which her grandmother was raised, and later her mother and uncle.  At this house, Erica’s family hosted many fabulous parties and events from wedding receptions, to birthday parties, game nights and more.  Friends and family would come fashionably dressed from head to toe; women wearing stylish clothing and jewelry with hair perfectly pinned, lips colored red; the gentlemen wearing bow-ties with their favorite brand of cigar tucked in their suit jacket.

Upon entering the house one could be greeted by the smell of freshly baked cakes and pies, the faint scent of a smoked cigar, the sound of soulful music, and laughter in the air. 

Special memories from this home on Parkway will be forever cherished.

Left to right:  Erica's mother, grandmother, and uncle in the front yard of their home on Parkway, circa mid-1950's.

Left to right:  Erica's mother, grandmother, and uncle in the front yard of their home on Parkway, circa mid-1950's.

Erica's great-grandparents in their living room on Parkway, circa 1950's.

Erica's great-grandparents in their living room on Parkway, circa 1950's.